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About Bestselling Author JOSH SABARRA

Bestselling author JOSH SABARRA is a veteran marketing executive and television producer who has held positions at The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Studios, Miramax Films, New Line Cinema and Lifetime Networks. He resides in Los Angeles, California, where he is the president and CEO of his own public relations firm, Breaking News PR®. His first book, PORN AGAIN: A MEMOIR, and his debut novel, ENEMIES CLOSER, are available worldwide.

In ENEMIES CLOSER, fortyish movie studio publicist Marcee Brookes feels ordinary; she’s stuck in a mid-level job, struggles to accept her size-16 figure and dreams of a man who might look past her waistline and into her heart. When Claire, the seemingly affable wife of screen legend Rox Madison, befriends her during a work project, Marcee’s life instantly turns from drab to dazzle. She zooms into the Los Angeles fast lane with Claire’s circle of glamorous pals who, until now, were merely faces on the pages of PEOPLE magazine.

Marcee’s tight relationships with her sometimes overbearing mother, Rhonda, and her gay BFF, Jordan, provide a support system that helps her navigate her improbably fabulous new status and a potential romantic relationship with up-and-coming movie star Brent Wetherley. Their counsel becomes even more important as Marcee starts to see her fantasy life unravel and gets wise to the duplicitous nature of her “clique.” She quickly finds that all that glitters isn’t gold and that when Hollywood heavy-hitters give you a pat on the back, they’re looking only for a place to stick the knife.

“THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA meets BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY with a sinister Hollywood twist, ENEMIES CLOSER is a hilarious and crazy-making journey inside the entertainment capital, shining a shocking spotlight on entitlement and foul play. Josh Sabarra is a natural born storyteller.” –Gigi Levangie Grazer, Bestselling Author of MANEATER and THE STARTER WIFE

In PORN AGAIN: A MEMOIR, Josh Sabarra throws open the proverbial closet – and bedroom – doors, taking readers on a Hollywood thrill-ride through growing up, coming out, coming of age and finally finding himself at 40. Despite being a high-level entertainment executive, Josh was still a virgin at 31. Uncomfortable in his own skin, haunted by painful childhood memories, he kept laser-focused on building an unparalleled career trajectory at the expense of his personal life.

Tormented by schoolmates for being “different,” Josh clung to his aberrantly close relationships with a small circle of adult females. But, even with that support, the shame and contempt that grew from his sexuality locked him in a prison of self-hate that robbed him of an emotional and sexual identity for more than three decades. Movie studio jobs, through which he met celebrity idols, led to friendships and relationships with some of the industry’s most notable characters. Those intimacies created a false sense of acceptance and approval, requiring that he continue to up the stakes – celebrity lovers, the crazy world of online dating, sexual fetishists and porn stars-for-hire.

The gay best friend you always wanted, Josh Sabarra delivers a whip-smart, poignant memoir set against a glittering backdrop that is at once heartbreaking, glamorous, sexy and hilariously honest.

PORN AGAIN: A MEMOIR is a “…spicy debut memoir…Sabarra's multitiered chronicle is salacious and provocative, yet also intimate on a whole different level.” A “...heartfelt, honest autobiography…delightfully funny.” –KIRKUS REVIEWS